Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another DC trip (Week 28/52)

It's only been...5 weeks since my last post? Good thing I have this goal to motivate me not to give up.

Way back in July Colin and I took another trip out to DC to spend time with family. We spent a whole week there and had lots of fun. Colin especially had a lot of fun with his cousin Peter. Those two boys are so cute together. I guess that would explain why pretty much the only pictures I took while I was there was of the two of them :)

Shot I took April '12 on the way home from church
Almost identical shot taken in July '12
also on the way home from church
Two cute kids that refused to go to nursery

Notice the shoes :)

We went to a splash pad/fountains at the town square one day.
Here we have Megan, Pete, and Sophie showing their excitement.

Both boys enjoying some organic chocolate milk on the stairs.

Any time one boy went somewhere, the other had to follow. If one was eating something, the other needed it too. They fought over lots of toys, but did share every now and then. They were just too cute together, and I know they will just be the best of friends as they continue to grow up!

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