Sunday, February 26, 2012

Buckles (Week 6/52)

Not so very long ago, Colin would shriek with glee every time the car or his stroller would come to a stop. This was because he knew he was getting out. Then came his fascination with buckles. When it comes time to get him out of his seat, I'll undo the buckles and then have to wait a good 15-20 seconds while he stares at and tries to re-buckle the buckles. 

The action shot

"Okay, I'm ready to get out now!"
Also this week, Colin learned how to say "daddy." Unfortunately, in Colin's mind daddy = both Matt and me. Oops! Looks like we'll be working on "mommy" next :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Love (Week 5/52)

A few weeks ago, Kristy and 3-month-old Landon came for a visit. They were here for a week, and we had lots of fun with them.

It was really cute to see how much Colin liked Landon. Up until this point, he hadn't showed much interest in babies, but this trip he loved looking at Landon, making sure he had his toys and blanket, and he even insisted on holding him on his lap a few times.

My own little baby is growing up :)

Colin holding Landon on his lap

Friday, February 10, 2012

Vocab 101 (Week 4/52)

Although Colin still relies heavily on emphatic pointing, nodding or shaking his head, and various sounds to communicate, it's pretty cute to watch him discover language.

He seems to get stuck on the first sound of words. For instance, the words dad, dog, duck, and done are all represented by "da". Thank goodness for context!

He can also say:
Jesus, or "gee"
cookie, or "ck"

"Shoe" is probably his favorite word/item. He will pick up a pair of my shoes and follow me around the house saying "shoe" because he wants me to put them on so we can go outside. Anytime we're at a shoe store or at someone else's house and he sees shoes, he picks them up and tries to put them on. Last week Grandma Ann bought him a new pair of shoes and he now proudly shows them to anyone who asks him about them.

"Cheese" is his second favorite word. This kid loves his dairy. Aside from grapes, cheese and yogurt are his favorite foods. He refers to all mealtimes as "cheese," he loves grilled cheese sandwiches, and although he likes string cheese, he prefers either shredded or sliced cheese.

Sorry, no pictures with this post, but check back next week!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

First Sleepover (Week 3/52)

Last night was the first night I spent apart from Colin. Not just a night, but a whole 24 hours! And let me tell you, I missed him like crazy!

Grandma Ann had been begging me for months to let Colin stay over at her house. Since Matt and I have a 3-day trip planned for my birthday and we're leaving Colin behind, we figured now is as good a time as ever to test out the "Grandma sleepover." Saturday afternoon I packed his bag, and he was so excited he that he carried it around the house until she came to pick him up.

It was the weirdest feeling being able to stay out late, stay up even later, but most of all, be able to sleep in the next morning. Unfortunately, neither Matt nor I were able to sleep in past 8:30. Pathetic! We may have been childless for one night, but it takes a bit longer than that to break habits.