Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy B-day/V-day!

Valentine's Day is a very exciting time for us. Not really because we like the holiday, but because it's also Matt's birthday. What with being part of the 3-day President's Day weekend this year, we decided to be spontaneous and drive to AZ. The drive wasn't too bad, except for one little thing...We get pulled over for speeding, but I won't say who was driving {we'll let it slide this time since it was his birthday and all ;) }. It's hard to get a good picture of the flashing lights, considering their flashes alternate. This was the best I could get. Matt didn't want me to take the picture at all in case the cop saw and thought we were making a mockery of the whole situation. At least I didn't ask if I could get a picture of the cop or anything.

Aside from that excitement, the weekend was great. For the birthday festivities we went to the Phx Zoo, ate In-N-Out Burger for dinner, and had Coldstone cake to end the evening right. We really know how to party!

Jill was out of town that weekend, so we also had the chance to help babysit for a few days. Her kids are really cute, but a lot of work. Matt and I both decided we can wait a long time before having our own. If not for scaring you away from parenthood, what are nieces and nephews for? :D