Saturday, November 22, 2008

Enough about Carrie already...

...that's probably what you're thinking about now. Well, since you all probably know I'm a big fan of Carrie Underwood (considered Matt and I made the trip to her hometown), I have one more story to tell.

I went to a Carrie Underwood concert!

Matt's not quite the fan I am, and opted out, so I went with a co-worker. But I have to say, lots of songs and 4 wardrobe changes later, it was the BEST concert I've ever been too. The competition?

1. John Mayer (seats 4th row center)
2. Kelly Clarkson (seats off to the side)
3. Anberlin (mosh pit style, and a close second to Carrie)

Okay, so I may not have a lot to compare it to, but just know it was amazing. Our seats were pretty far away, so I don't have any pictures of her to post, but it was enough just to be that close to her :)

At this point, I probably seem a little like a stalker. I even looked her up on Wikipedia to learn that we share the same middle name. We're practically best friends already! It's official...I am a stalker.

My co-worker and I sporting our cowboy hats in honor of the country music star

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Comida Brasileira!

I'm taking a Portuguese class this semester (and will be for the next 2 semesters as well). I've also eaten at my fair share of authentic Brasilian restaurants. For these 2 reasons, I decided to try my hand at Brasilian cooking.

This is the sauce for the Brasilian Stroganoff. It's a little different from the American version I'm used to, and you eat it over rice instead of pasta.

The official name for these would be Pão de Queijo...or cheese bread. This was before they were baked. I got this recipe from my Portuguese teacher, who is Brasilian, so they were very authentic.

This is me making the dessert, called brigadero. Basically sweetened condensed milk and cocoa rolled into balls and covered with chocolate sprinkles. Delicious!

Guaraná. The infamous soda pop beverage of Brasil.

And here is a nice shot (not really, if only had Megan around :D). It shows the stroganoff complete with rice and matchstick potato chips as a garnish. To the side of that is the baked pão de queijo, and the Guaraná. We did have salad with the meal just to get some vegetables, but of course Matt says, "Oh, I'll just eat salad after I finish this."
Yeah. right.

And these are the completed brigadero. We ran out of chocolate sprinkles and had to use cocoa on a few of them. The recipe made quite a few, but as of today, this is all we have left. Like I said, they're delicious :)

This was me pretending to have a food blog for a minute. Just be happy I'm blogging at all! If you want any of the recipes, just let me know.