Monday, May 21, 2012

Lots to Report (Week 18/52)

It seems like Colin has been learning a lot in the past couple of weeks. I couldn't pick just one thing to report on, so I figured I would make a list of all the new stuff he is into these days.

He loves climbing on anything and everything--trying to climb into his crib, climbing ladders and various play structures at the park, piles of couch cushions, strollers, and the bottom rack on shopping carts.

Although there are only a few words Colin uses consistently everyday, this week he added the phrase, "what's that?" You can hear very clearly that's what he's saying, but he means it more as "look at that" because he says it about everything we see...all the time. Sometimes he even says, "oooooh, what's that?" like he's really fascinated by whatever it is he sees. Cute!

He still calls everyone Daddy, but when he hollers for help it sounds like he's saying "ma!" Not sure if that's supposed to be my name, or just the sound he's making.

He loves collecting rocks. Anytime he sees them, he will pick them up and usually carry them around for a while.

He's getting pretty good with animal sounds, although you have to catch him in the right mood--he does not perform on demand.

He started giving real kisses! Before now, he would just lean over and put his cheek near you when you asked for a kiss. Now he leans in and either puckers his lips or comes at you with his mouth wide open.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mannequin Dog (Week 17/52)

We went to Old Navy the other day and Colin loved the collection of mannequins at the front of the store. He especially loved the dog. He kept petting it and loving on it. I was pretty impressed when I said, "Colin, do you want to take a picture with the dog?" and he turned and posed for the picture up above.

Of course, it only lasted for a second because then some 80s song started playing in the store, and the dancing began... (see picture below)

Love him!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sick Little Boy (Week 16/52)

Last week was spent mostly at home with my sick baby. Colin came down with a virus on Monday and had a high fever for several days. It was on Friday when a rash showed up that we discovered it was roseola. I had no idea what roseola was before last week, but it's exactly what I described, and it's a virus that only affects children up to 4 years old.

It was by Monday of this week that he was finally feeling back to normal. But that one week with a sick baby meant lots of cuddles, several night of him sleeping with us, feeding Colin an entire bottle of Tylenol, and lots of Curious George.

We are so glad he is feeling better and that he's back to his normal rambunctious self!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hagen Cousins (Week 15/52)

Colin has now met all 10 of his cousins. It only took 18 months, but he did it.

We spent about 5 days back in Maryland with the Hagens having lots of fun. Colin's cousin Peter is one month younger than him, so it was really fun to watch them interact. Those are two cute boys!

We spent a lot of time playing around the house, but we also visited the National Postal Museum and the National Zoo. We loved visiting them, and it was sad to leave. If only Matt had come along with us, then it would have truly been a perfect weekend.

Ready for the pictures? Here we go!

Peter in the playroom hanging out at the train table.
This table was, by far, Colin's favorite thing while we were there.

Cousins at the postal museum checking out the inside of a semi.
Sophie and Colin are the only ones willing to look at the camera.

Peter, Colin, and Hugh mesmerized by the buttons of the semi.

Another part of the postal museum--which slot does the package belong in?
It became a game of basketball for these three.

The ride home from church. They are so cute!

Enjoying the zoo.

Pete was especially loving this quail.

Trying out the piano.

Hugh and Colin loved playing together.
This picture was taken moments before we left and I told Hugh, "go be in a picture with Colin!"
I didn't manage to get any pictures of Amy or Stuart, but the fact that I took any pictures at all is a small miracle. Thanks for the fun trip!

Mechanic in the Making (Week 14/52)

Now that we are co-owners of Western Auto, Colin and I spend a lot of time over there (either delivering tires, working, or just for a chance to see Dad). 

Colin's absolute favorite spot in right next to Grandpa in the shop.

Priceless :)