Friday, March 15, 2013

Grandpa Leaves (Week 49/52)

We've had Grandpa Wilkinson living with us for the last year, but he moved out this week to go to St. George.

Colin had a lot of fun playing with Papa, and especially loved when he would take him across the street to play with the dog and go on walks around the neighborhood to explore. Colin's favorite spot was a house a few blocks over where a few cats like to wander around the yard.

Colin also loved playing in Papa's room, pushing all the buttons on his hospital bed, having Papa sing and dance to "Picnic Time for Teddy Bears," and bossing Papa around if he thought he was sitting in the "wrong" spot in the living room.

We wish him luck on his next adventure in Utah!

Dancing Christmas Friends (Week 48/52)

Once we got our Christmas decorations out of the attic, it didn't take Colin long to find his favorite Christmas pals.

The dancing Christmas tree and monkey were a big hit with him last year, and he was quick to remember that you press their hands to make the music and dancing start. Although the tree plays Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, and the monkey plays Jingle Bells, he insists that they both be on at the same time. More friends to dance with, I guess!

DIY Fishing (Week 47/52)

Ever since we took him on a fishing trip to Roaring River, MO in the fall, Colin has been obsessed with fishing! He loves to pretend he is reeling in a fishing pole, so one day while we played outside, I grabbed a stick and a piece of yarn that was out in the garage and made him a very simple, very toddler-proof fishing pole of his own.

Now, more than anything, he loves to sit on the curb and cast off into the street hoping to catch some leaves.