Monday, August 31, 2009

Graduation Poser

After my graduation pictures got posted on Facebook, I had a number of people I haven't talk to in awhile congratulate me. I guess that was a test to see how well you all know me because I won't actually graduate until December. Joke is on them! It just worked out that all of my family would be in town during the August graduation, not to mention that my school doesn't do a December graduation ceremony.

My friends and family were kind enough to wake up at the crack of dawn and be in attendance at my 8 a.m. graduation. You all rock! We had a fun few days hanging out with my family because it doesn't happen very often that this many of us get together. Here are a few photos of the activities.

Here we have Matt and Rob starting off the 1st annual ice cream eating contest! Who could eat the most in 7 minutes?

Surprisingly enough, Rob was announced the winner. (But in his defense, Matt had just had his appendix out a week earlier.)

All the awesome people that came to my graduation. How big is YOUR fan club?

Precious tree shot. Ignore the shadows please.

Some of the fam. Sorry your eyes are kind of closed, Megan...otherwise it's a cute picture!

Me with my other parents. I love them!

Right now you're probably thinking about how amazing I am that I blogged two days in a row. Confession: I blogged them both on the same night and just saved this one to post today. I'm not perfect, you know!

Lazy Blogger

A large majority of the summer went by without a single post from me. My excuse? I'm lazy. Matt worked all summer, and I worked a little, took a statistics class, and completed an independent study class in four weeks.

So here's the really pathetic part. Remember my floral design class during spring term that I was always posting pictures of? I never posted picture of my last project--the bridal bouquet!

So, for your viewing pleasure, here it is.I tried to get creative with my photos, but my camera isn't capable of much, and neither am I when it comes to photography. Where's Megan with her fancy camera when I need her?