Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Love Daddy! (Week 23/52)

This post is a week late for Father's Day, but his boy loves his dad every day of the year! He loves wrestling with him, tickling him, laughing with him, being chased by him, and lovin' on him.

And one day, he wants to be just like him!
Colin wearing Matt's old cub scout shirt and hat

Saturday, June 16, 2012

For the Love of Dogs (Week 22/52)

Remember this post of Colin with the mannequin dog? Well, this time it was a smaller toy dog that stole his heart...

Not only did he play with it, he insisted on giving it lots of hugs and kisses :) And it was a lifesaver because it kept him in the cart the whole time we were at Michael's!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Monkey Habits (Week 21/52)

We still watch a lot of Curious George at our house. So much so, that I think Colin might think he is actually a monkey. He climbs like a monkey, he sometimes talks like a monkey, and now he uses his feet to eat animal crackers (like I imagine a monkey would if they ate animal crackers :)

I'm a busy blogger today and had to play catch-up for the last 3 weeks, so be sure to scroll down and see the other new posts!

Trouble! (Week 20/52)

If you happen to notice his legs, you will see that this boy discovered pen can write on skin as well as paper!

One minute he was coloring on paper while we were in the drive-through at the bank, and the next minute I looked back to see this.

But that face is too cute to stay mad at!

Swimming Season (Week 19/52)

Although it has been very warm around here for quite some time, the pools and splash pads are finally open, and it is officially swimming season!

We went swimming at friend's neighborhood pool one day, and Colin loved it. I can see our summer will have many pool days and plenty of sunshine :)