Sunday, November 13, 2011

Toothy Grin

Colin's mouth is full of teeth these days. He currently has 14 teeth that are fully through the surface, and 2-4 that will soon be on their way. Luckily, teething has never really been a problem for him, so these 14 have made their appearance without being accompanied by any drama (just lots of drool).

We were able to capture a few pictures of all those pearly whites today while playing outside, so I thought I would share. This boy is just too adorable not to share pictures!

Colin was hanging out in the back of Matt's truck and throwing a golf ball onto the ground, which resulted in a lot of giggles. Don't worry, we took a video for your viewing pleasure!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Fun

This past weekend we attended 2 Halloween parties to celebrate the holiday. We dressed Colin up as a pirate for both, but Matt and I declined to wear costumes.

Colin is 13-months-old now, so I hope that's enough explanation for why we weren't able to get any decent pictures of him in his Halloween costume. It's also the reason he has a crooked mustache and why he doesn't have a pirate hat. There is NO way he was going to keep it on.

This boy does not sit still for a second. He's always racing from one thing to the next, not to mention trying to play with anything he's not supposed to. Colin knows how to keep me busy.

Other exciting news from our Halloween festivities...

Our ward's Halloween party included a chili cook-off and a pie contest. I entered two pies in the pie contest, and would you believe I won both first AND second place?!

We got 145 trick-or-treaters. We had no idea how many to expect, so we ran out of candy. Good thing we had our giant box of fruit snacks from Sam's Club so we still had something to hand out :)

And speaking of trick-or-treaters, what's the deal with teenagers going trick-or-treating? I'm pretty sure that the sport of trick-or-treating is more about seeing cute kids in their cute little costumes. That's why my philosophy is going to be that once my kids are old enough to go out on their own, they shouldn't be going at all. So take that!

We had a great Halloween full of fun and treats, and now we've moved on to November. Hooray for November!