Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast

Our Thanksgiving this year was pretty quiet. We stayed in home and had Matt's parents over for dinner. Although it was a small gathering, that didn't stop us from enjoying some delicious food!

A few days before Thanksgiving, we had some friends over to decorate cookies. My intention was to make gingerbread turkeys, but when I went to pull out my tub of 100 cookie cutters, Colin informed me we didn't have a turkey one, but I didn't believe him. I searched through the whole container just to find out he was right. We didn't have a turkey cookie cutter. To which Colin emphatically declared, "me TOLD you mommy!" and then we both laughed hysterically. So as a backup plan, we made gingerbread men/indians, and the kids decorated those :)

The night before Thanksgiving we had a little sleepover in the living room, and we stayed up late (9 o'clock!) watching Polar Express. It was lots of fun, and I think we might just have to make it an annual tradition.

Thanksgiving Day was full of cooking and admiring all of my new white Crate & Barrel dishes. We fried a turkey and spent lots of time together. There's nothing better than that!