Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mr. Fix-It (Week 39/52)

Unfortunately, no pictures for this one, but it's too cute not to mention.

For his birthday, Colin got a little motorized car (looks kind of like a mini 4-wheeler) that he can sit on and ride around with the push of a button. He also got a whole tool bench complete with a set of plastic tools. Now that he has all of these things at his disposal, one of his favorite activities is to turn his car over on its side and "fix it" with his tools, just like his mechanic Grandpa does every day at work.

He has started racing to get his little tools every time he thinks something needs fixing, and he's always willing to do the job, although if he can't do it, he assures me Daddy will fix it later.

It's so fun to see how much he mimics everything we do!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Birthday Boy (Week 38/52)

For weeks leading up to his birthday, if you ever asked Colin what he wanted for his birthday, he would very adamantly respond, "choo choo!"

And so his day was full of choo choos. He got to wear a new shirt Grandma Ann bought him with a train on it. He got a new train set, and I made him one awesome train cake!

We had a fun day playing around the house and we spent about an hour and a half at the playground of the elementary school by our house.

And once Matt got home from work, and Papa and Grandma came over, we had pizza for dinner, and cut into the cake. Colin loved every bit of the cake, and has enjoyed eating the leftover candy in the weeks since.

He also got a Thomas the Train blanket from Grandma Chris,
and it quickly became his favorite. He sleeps with it every night and
loves to cuddle up with it when he's watching TV. This boy loves trains.

Presents Galore (Week 37/52)

Leading up to his birthday, Colin got several packages in the mail. He has always gotten really excited whenever a package shows up at our house, but since I told him these ones were for him, he was extra excited.

Unfortunately, one day a package showed up that I knew held an unwrapped present. Although he tried to persuade me to open it, I resisted. I had to wait until after he went to bed so I could open the package and wrap it for his birthday.

Desperate to get into the package, he found his pair of plastic scissors and tried as hard as he could to open it himself. It didn't work, but at least he's learning to be independent!

Let's Play Ball! (Week 36/52)

When we went to Phoenix back in June, Matt went to a Cardinals games where he got to enjoy an ice cream sundae in a small baseball helmet. That helmet happens to fit Colin's sock monkey pretty well, so one day we went out to the backyard to play some sock monkey baseball!

I'm pretty sure Colin only knows what baseball is because of a Curious George story we have. So thanks, George, for teaching him most everything he knows :)

Hello Utah! (Week35/52)

Way back in September Colin and I squeezed in one more plane trip before he turned two. We traveled to Utah and had a great time seeing family and friends.

So, without further ado, here is our trip in pictures:

Colin and "DeeDee" (as he calls her) playing in the car

Cutest picture of the cutest cousins! Colin and Bridget

Colin loved that Felicity shared all of her toys with him.

These munchkins know how to get into trouble!

The best picture I managed to get of the three cousins.
We went up to Park City one day with the Kundis' and
Colin and Landon got to go on a train ride!

Colin and Landon with Papa Dean up in Park City!

Colin also had a great time playing with Harley.
The dog was sweet enough to let Colin play doctor and put the stethoscope on him :) 
One day we met Aunt Kristy and cousin Landon for lunch,
and Colin had a great time playing and stealing Landon's snacks.
Thanks everyone for an awesome trip!