Monday, October 22, 2012

Birthday Boy (Week 38/52)

For weeks leading up to his birthday, if you ever asked Colin what he wanted for his birthday, he would very adamantly respond, "choo choo!"

And so his day was full of choo choos. He got to wear a new shirt Grandma Ann bought him with a train on it. He got a new train set, and I made him one awesome train cake!

We had a fun day playing around the house and we spent about an hour and a half at the playground of the elementary school by our house.

And once Matt got home from work, and Papa and Grandma came over, we had pizza for dinner, and cut into the cake. Colin loved every bit of the cake, and has enjoyed eating the leftover candy in the weeks since.

He also got a Thomas the Train blanket from Grandma Chris,
and it quickly became his favorite. He sleeps with it every night and
loves to cuddle up with it when he's watching TV. This boy loves trains.


Kara M. said...

Wow! He's getting so big! That cake looks delicious! Great job on it!

Ryan and Katie said...

that might be the coolest cake I have seen. Great job! - RR