Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hagen Cousins (Week 15/52)

Colin has now met all 10 of his cousins. It only took 18 months, but he did it.

We spent about 5 days back in Maryland with the Hagens having lots of fun. Colin's cousin Peter is one month younger than him, so it was really fun to watch them interact. Those are two cute boys!

We spent a lot of time playing around the house, but we also visited the National Postal Museum and the National Zoo. We loved visiting them, and it was sad to leave. If only Matt had come along with us, then it would have truly been a perfect weekend.

Ready for the pictures? Here we go!

Peter in the playroom hanging out at the train table.
This table was, by far, Colin's favorite thing while we were there.

Cousins at the postal museum checking out the inside of a semi.
Sophie and Colin are the only ones willing to look at the camera.

Peter, Colin, and Hugh mesmerized by the buttons of the semi.

Another part of the postal museum--which slot does the package belong in?
It became a game of basketball for these three.

The ride home from church. They are so cute!

Enjoying the zoo.

Pete was especially loving this quail.

Trying out the piano.

Hugh and Colin loved playing together.
This picture was taken moments before we left and I told Hugh, "go be in a picture with Colin!"
I didn't manage to get any pictures of Amy or Stuart, but the fact that I took any pictures at all is a small miracle. Thanks for the fun trip!


Becky (Hallmark) Seidl said...

Now his next goal should be to meet all of his second cousins!! He's got three right here in Texas! We would love to see y'all!

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