Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sick Little Boy (Week 16/52)

Last week was spent mostly at home with my sick baby. Colin came down with a virus on Monday and had a high fever for several days. It was on Friday when a rash showed up that we discovered it was roseola. I had no idea what roseola was before last week, but it's exactly what I described, and it's a virus that only affects children up to 4 years old.

It was by Monday of this week that he was finally feeling back to normal. But that one week with a sick baby meant lots of cuddles, several night of him sleeping with us, feeding Colin an entire bottle of Tylenol, and lots of Curious George.

We are so glad he is feeling better and that he's back to his normal rambunctious self!


ejnorton said...

No fun! I'm glad the roseola has passed and he can be back to his usual super cute self. :) Dealing with sick kids is something I don't really like that's for sure.

Kimberly said...

Poor Colin. At least he got to watch a lot of Curious George. :) I've never heard of roseola before, but now I'm wondering if that's what Felicity had a couple of weeks ago. She had a fever that stayed right around 103 for about 3 days and then got a mild rash all over her trunk, back, and neck that lasted for a day or two. P.S. we really need to chat or web cam soon. I haven't talked to you in forever!

Elder Kundis said...

POOR BABY!!!!! I'm SO glad he is better now...LOVE HIM!!