Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mannequin Dog (Week 17/52)

We went to Old Navy the other day and Colin loved the collection of mannequins at the front of the store. He especially loved the dog. He kept petting it and loving on it. I was pretty impressed when I said, "Colin, do you want to take a picture with the dog?" and he turned and posed for the picture up above.

Of course, it only lasted for a second because then some 80s song started playing in the store, and the dancing began... (see picture below)

Love him!


Sarah and Scott said...


Elder Kundis said...

Dancin' with the dog...LOVE IT!!! :)

Kara M. said...

haha this is pretty cute! I only wish I could have seen him dancing. Also, I love his disco pants! :) Hope you guys are doing well!