Monday, May 21, 2012

Lots to Report (Week 18/52)

It seems like Colin has been learning a lot in the past couple of weeks. I couldn't pick just one thing to report on, so I figured I would make a list of all the new stuff he is into these days.

He loves climbing on anything and everything--trying to climb into his crib, climbing ladders and various play structures at the park, piles of couch cushions, strollers, and the bottom rack on shopping carts.

Although there are only a few words Colin uses consistently everyday, this week he added the phrase, "what's that?" You can hear very clearly that's what he's saying, but he means it more as "look at that" because he says it about everything we see...all the time. Sometimes he even says, "oooooh, what's that?" like he's really fascinated by whatever it is he sees. Cute!

He still calls everyone Daddy, but when he hollers for help it sounds like he's saying "ma!" Not sure if that's supposed to be my name, or just the sound he's making.

He loves collecting rocks. Anytime he sees them, he will pick them up and usually carry them around for a while.

He's getting pretty good with animal sounds, although you have to catch him in the right mood--he does not perform on demand.

He started giving real kisses! Before now, he would just lean over and put his cheek near you when you asked for a kiss. Now he leans in and either puckers his lips or comes at you with his mouth wide open.

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