Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Smiths Come For a Visit (Week 31/52)

Kristy, Kyle, and Landon made the trip out to Oklahoma a few weeks ago for a visit. It had been 6 months since we had seen little Landon, who is now 9 months old, so it was fun to see how much bigger he is!

Colin loved having him around, and he was very helpful--always sure to give Landon toys, his blanket, or his pacifier if he saw them lying around.

We spent quite a bit of time together, but I'm ashamed to say I only took a few pictures one night when we went to dinner. Luckily, it was the day Colin and Landon were wearing their matching shirts. Thanks Aunt Kristy for the cute shirt and bringing Landon out so we could play with him :)

These grandparents were in heaven having their two grandsons around for a week!

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