Monday, December 13, 2010

The Oklahoma Update

Although I have visited Oklahoma many times since Matt and I have been married, the knowledge that I am now living here has given me a new perspective.

The following observations are things I have learned in the one week I have been living here:

  • Most people here have a relatively strong accent (which I had noticed before), but I realized that I probably sound funny to them. I had someone tell me on Saturday they could tell I wasn't from around here...
  • When I ask "where is that?" instead of measuring the distance in how many minutes it takes to get there, it is measured in miles. 
  • Everything is measured in miles because you do a lot of driving whenever you want to go somewhere, and you almost always drive on a highway or freeway to get to your destination. 
  • I learned on my first visit that there are some strange city names, but I continue to hear more and more of them. Okmulgee, Pawhuska, Tahlequah and Okemah just to name a few.
  • There is a Sonic Drive-In on practically every corner. But who doesn't love Sonic? Especially during Happy Hour. (Sonic's headquarters are in Oklahoma City)
  • People here are wimps when it comes to the cold. It was in the high 40s last week when I was talking to a girl in town about how cold it was that day. She told me she was freezing, so I told her it was probably because of the short-sleeved shirt she was wearing. I don't think she appreciated that comment so much...
Things are going well, but we're still working on organizing all of our boxes and unpacking the things that we'll need in the next several weeks. Here's a glimpse at what we're dealing with...

This is the spare bedroom where we're keeping everything
we won't need in the very near future
Today is Matt's first day at his new job, and when I talked to him earlier he said he is loving it. Everything is going well, and it will continue to get better as we become more established. This is the start to a great adventure!


Niki said...

Don't you hate when people don't get your jokes?!? Thanks for the update!

Kimberly said...

How come Matt doesn't have an accent then? Has he just been away long enough? I'm glad he's liking his job and everything is going well.