Sunday, July 7, 2013

Utah Vacay 2013

We all flew out to Utah in June to attend my dad's and Bev's wedding. It was even more fun because it is the first time all of my siblings and I had been together in 3 years! We were missing the rest of the Hagens since Amy came by herself, but it was a fun, eventful couple of days. And you better believe everyone couldn't get enough of lovin' on Isla!

Friday afternoon we headed to Boondocks for a little arcade fun, bumper boats, go karts, and mini golf. I'd say the most fun was had on the bumper boats...or at least that's the only thing I managed to take pictures of.

Friday evening we met at Joan and Ron's house to have dinner with all of our extended family and celebrate Enoch's birthday. The weather was awesome, and all of the kids loved running around their yard and jumping on the trampoline.

Saturday morning we met Kristy, Kyle, and Landon for breakfast at Kneaders. Landon wasn't sure what to think of the baby, but 9 days later he got one of his very own, so this was good practice for him :)

Coincidentally, Landon and Colin were wearing the same shirt that day! "My Grandpa is a biker." I love the looks on their faces...especially Landon! "Uh, why am I standing here?" 

 Saturday afternoon was the wedding at the Salt Lake City temple. I only managed to take one picture with my camera, but it is a keeper! I'm pretty sure Colin is my dad's favorite grandchild, so I'm glad I got this shot :)

Sunday was Father's Day, and also the day Matt and Colin flew home. We went out to breakfast before they went to the airport, and we had to get a cute Father's Day photo. Best dad ever!!

By this point in the trip, Colin was a wreck. He averaged about 8 hours of sleep every night while we were there, and little to no naps. That left us with one cranky toddler. We tried to get a cute picture with the Marks, and this was the best we least it makes me laugh!

On Monday, I threw a baby shower for Hillary. By this point she was still a month out from her baby, but now it's only 10 days!! I'm glad I was able to throw her a little party, and it was fun to get together with all the Kundis family both at the shower and the AF canyon the day before.

And by Tuesday, Isla and I were ready to head back to Oklahoma. This is what my 2 hour flight looked like. Ah, how nice it is to fly with a newborn :) One awesome ending to an awesome trip. I can't wait to go back!

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