Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Few Firsts

We try to stay busy around here, and occasionally I take picture in the process. Colin and I have been swimming twice so far this summer, but this last week Isla decided to join us for the first time. Unfortunately, she is so long, her bathing suit is already a little on the snug side. But look how adorable! She mostly just got her feet wet, and that was enough for her!

Isla has been smiling for awhile now, but this was the first decent picture I was able to take of it. I just love her!!

And we can't forget about Colin! We go water skiing pretty often over at a friend's house who happens to live on a water ski lake. Colin recently got a chance to try it for the first time on the EZ ski. He had a blast and has since done it one other time. I'd say we have a budding professional on our hands :)

And since I wanted to be on the boat to watch Colin, Isla got to enjoy her first boat ride. She only thought it was alright... 

And there you have it, some of the many Tiner Adventures!

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Niki said...

cuuuute! Can you post a pic comparing Colin and Isla at the same age? I think they look similar but I need to be sure :)