Sunday, June 30, 2013

The First 6 Weeks

It was about this time 6 short weeks ago that I went into labor. I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by. It  has certainly been packed full of activity, what with having Megan here for a few weeks, Chris here for a week, then our trip to Utah.

Now that Isla is six weeks old, she is developing a schedule, and I can safely say that she is such a good baby! She is still sleeping a lot, she can sometimes fall asleep on her own, she will usually sleep 6-6.5 hours for the first stretch at night, and when she's awake during the day, she will sit happily in her bouncer or swing while I make dinner, etc.

Colin still loves her to death, he thinks he needs to kiss her every second of the day, he always wants to hold her on his lap, and my favorite part--the one thing that is guaranteed to make him happy when he first wakes up in the morning (when he tends to be in a cranky mood) is seeing Isla. His whole face lights up and he says, "happy Isla!" Makes me smile every time.

I just love this baby! :) Here are some pictures from the last few weeks for you to enjoy!

Birth-day cake!

First "smile" caught on camera

Matt and Isla after the first sponge bath at home

Sunday nap time

Josh is one of Isla's biggest fans :)

favorite aunt, Megan!

First tub bath would not have been possible without my helper, Colin

Grandma Chris, Isla, and monkey Colin

so cute!

Colin always wanting to pose for pictures with his siter

Colin, Eleece, and Isla!

Colin is learning how to accesorize

our first outing to Sam's Club. We couldn't resist the cherry Icee

Check back soon for pictures and an update on our Utah trip full of family fun and my dad's wedding!

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ejnorton said...

So cute! I can't believe how much more alert and bigger she looks to me even 2 weeks later...