Friday, December 14, 2012

Independent (Week 43/52)

As with any kid his age, Colin is slowly but surely establishing his independence. Unfortunately, he has become very bossy in the process :)

He is not afraid to let you know that he will be doing something, and that you need to stay put while he runs inside to grab a ball, goes into the kitchen to get a snack, etc. Of course, the best part about it is that he still does little communicating with words.

Instead of saying "me," or "I," or "Colin," he pats his chest. Then to he uses his hand to signal you to stop and stay where you are, where says, "no, no, no."

He also likes to pick out his own shows on Netflix to watch. Good thing he's so practiced on using the ipad he can get to any app he wants and can scroll through all the pictures on Netflix to find the one he wants, then taps on it or presses play/done/whatever he wants it to do.

He is also very opinionated about what he wears. Shirts, pants, shoes...on most days he has to approve it before he will put it on.

Oh the joys of growing up! :)

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