Monday, December 10, 2012

A Gourmet Halloween (Week 42/52)

It's true, we are parents to the cutest chef on the block! And I have my sister Kimberly to thank--she made the costume for her daughter a few years ago :)

Halloween was a great time at our house. We went to a trunk-or-treat held by local businesses in our downtown area the Saturday before Halloween, so by the time the actual day came around, Colin knew exactly what to expect, and he was EXCITED.

Our good friends, Tate & Eleece, went with us to the trunk-or-treat, so Colin demanded they come trick-or-treating with us on Halloween. They also enjoyed some pumpkin-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's with us.

I am also lucky enough to say I know a local photographer through church who had taken our family pictures a few weeks before, and she asked if she could borrow Colin as a model to practice with a new lens, so we went out a few days before Halloween and took a few shots. He only kind of cooperated, and unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures that showcase his amazing disco pants. Because what chef doesn't wear crazy pants with his uniform??


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