Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another Check-Up (Week 41/52)

At the end of October we headed to the pediatrician for Colin's 2-year check-up! He only had to get a flu shot, so that sure made things a lot simpler. He had a blast in the waiting room, and enjoyed the castle in the exam room. And although he was a little nervous about the actual exam, he seemed to know what was going on. When the pediatrician asked Colin which ear he wanted her to look in first, he pointed to his knee. He really wanted to see his reflexes. 

Although I don't have his stats in front of me, he was approximately...

Weight: 28 lbs
Height: 36 in

I feel like he has been growing a ton just recently...the shorts he was wearing all summer were either size 12 or 18 months, but now he's finally growing into all of his 2T fall/winter clothes.

He is growing like a weed!

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