Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Update Time!

Where does the time go? It's already the middle of September, and I have yet to post about the visitors we had the last week of August or our trip to Phoenix the first week of September.

But this post is about my little boy, who, in less than three weeks will be turning 1! He took his first step the beginning of August, but for 6 weeks wouldn't walk more than 3 or 4 steps at a time. Finally on Friday last week something must have clicked for him and he has started walking all over the house. In the few days since then he has become quite the pro and today attempted to run a few times...

I'll admit I'm a little scared for my future ;)

Colin also waves. A lot. He waves anytime at anyone. He's a very friendly little guy. This video is from the end of July, but it's cute and he's waving :)

He can say hi, dada, mama, bye bye, and night night.

He loves to pretend he's talking on the phone by holding anything up to his ear.

He loves dancing. If he hears music, he waves his arms around and bounces up and down. Cutest thing ever.

He loves Elmo! Sesame Street is about the only show that holds his attention, and when Elmo comes on he usually laughs and waves his arms around (his version of clapping).

And I'm pretty sure that the word "no" has a different meaning to Colin. If he ever hears that word, he takes that to mean, "let's make a game out of that!" He thinks he is hilarious when he is doing something he shouldn't be. Like pushing all the buttons on the side of the TV, climbing up on anything he can, or the trick he learned today, throwing (with force) all of the food on his highchair tray onto the floor...If anyone has advice for me on this one, I'd appreciate it :) I've tried "no" and I've tried ignoring the bad behavior. Neither one seems to make a difference...he just smiles and laughs no matter what.

I'm thinking I should make this the Naughty Spot ;) Maybe the threat of a ride in the washing machine will scare him into good behavior...
And there you have it--the 11-month-old Colin update! As you can tell, we stay busy around here. Colin loves to laugh and smile, and even though he's been known to be naughty, his little smile makes my day!


Niki said...

Millie and Colin have so much in common! Millie loves pretending she's on the phone and doesn't get "no" at all. I even try and say it really mean and then she laughs. The only thing that works for us is time-out, but I think it might just make her scared of me. Whatever stops the button pushing!

Emily N. said...

So what plans do you have in store for birthday #1??

Elder Kundis said...

LOVE the videos!!! I can't believe how he's taken off in the short time since we left!!! <3