Sunday, September 25, 2011

Montana Visitors

The last week on August we had some awesome visitors that traveled all the way from Montana to see us!

Grandpa Dean and Grandma Chris were here for a week, and we did all sorts of things to make their first time in Oklahoma lots of fun.

But can you believe I didn't take a single picture on my camera while they were here? I guess I was too busy being an excellent hostess...Luckily Chris took plenty, so I borrowed some from her to show you.

We spent one evening at the playground of the elementary school by our house. Colin loved it.

And we had to take them to one of our favorite spots--Pop's outside of Oklahoma City. We bought 15 bottles of pop to sample :)

We ate a ton, we saw a lot, but mostly we just enjoyed spending time together. It was so nice to have them visit, and the best part was that when it was time to go, Colin and I got on the plane with them. They had a layover in Phoenix, where Colin and I got off, but it was fun to fly part of the way back with them.

Thanks for coming to visit! We had so much fun, and we can't wait for you to come back!

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