Thursday, July 21, 2011

A peek at our days...

I think these pictures describe our days pretty well. There's always a new mess around the house! Sometimes (usually) it's in the kitchen with the tupperware, sometimes he finds the food in the pantry, or sometimes he gets into the pots and pans. Other times he opens drawers in his room and likes to pull out all of his clothes. We are also continually baby-proofing the house as Colin discovers new ways to get into trouble. It's so fun to see him learning new things!

This boy loves to smile and laugh! He is quite the speed-crawler, and he's quickly becoming more steady on his feet. He is also a champ at eating finger foods (and eating in general...he loves to eat!) and will finally hold bottles and sippy cups on his own!

And for those curious, his stats from his 9 mo. doctor's appointment a few weeks ago were as follows:

height: 28" (40%)
weight: 17 lb 6 oz (6%)
head circ.: 17.5" (25%)

He may be small, but what he lacks in size,
he makes up for in spirit.
Colin is one energetic, curious kid!


Elder Kundis said...

I CAN'T WAIT to see him and help him unload all those drawers!!!! He was only 6 ounces more than Landon at his 6-month ck-up!!! I bet he's walking before we get there!!! love you all!!!

Kimberly said...

Wow! He doesn't way much more than Felicity. I stood on our scale at home with her the other day and she's a little under 16 lbs. He's lucky to have such great genetics that he can eat so much and stay so skinny.