Sunday, July 17, 2011

Road Trip!

When we still lived in Utah we would go on road trips all the time. We drove to Phoenix many times, we drove to Montana, and we even drove up to Seattle and Vancouver, BC once. Most of these trips included my sister Megan too, so it only seemed right that she should make the trip out to Oklahoma so we could take another road trip up to Nauvoo, IL.

There are many historic LDS church sites throughout Missouri and Illinois, and we wanted to hit most of them, so we left our house on Thursday night and drove to Kansas City. We spent a day there checking out the city and the church sites around that area.

In Independence, MO we went to the LDS visitor center and the Community of Christ temple across the street.

View of the Community of Christ temple

Inside the temple, view of the spire from inside
 Other sites we saw around Kansas City were the KC LDS temple that is almost complete and the Liberty jail visitor center. Liberty jail is where Joseph Smith and 4 others spent 4 winter months.

KC temple construction

Picture of Colin after his bath that night...
 After our day in KC, we woke up early the next morning and drove the rest of the way to Nauvoo, and stopped to see a few more sites along the way.

Jess and Megan standing outside Carthage jail and visitor center

Far West, MO site where the Saints planned to build a temple,
but they were driven out before anything more than the cornerstones could be laid
Enjoying a beautiful morning at Adam-ondi-ahman
A view of the outside of Carthage jail. The top window is where Joseph fell
from after he was shot and killed by the mob
People are always telling me Colin looks just like Matt, and I think this picture shows that very well

Megan and Colin!
Our adorable family picture outside the Nauvoo temple
view of the Nauvoo temple

This was my first time seeing the Mississippi River, and I couldn't believe how huge it is! Here's the sunset by the Mississippi :)
Colin, the pioneer baby!

sisters :)
We had an awesome time! Colin did really well in the car (miracle!) and we had a blast, even if we traveled over 1,000 miles in a little over 3 days. Megan stayed at our house for about a week after our big trip, so I have another post to write. Stay tuned!

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ejnorton said...

Some funny observations:

The Community of Christ temple looks a bit like a swirly cone.

You all seem to really like plaid shorts.

Serious observation:

Looks like you had a great time. I hope we can come out and visit to see many of the same things! :)