Saturday, June 4, 2011


No one in our immediate family is in school anymore, and we've had summer-like weather here since the end of March, so the notion of "summer vacation" is lost on us. However, we used Memorial weekend to go out to Utah and visit family and friends.

Colin and I went out for a whole week, and Matt joined us Saturday night through Tuesday. My sister Jill and her family drove up from Phoenix too, so it was a big party.

Kimberly and Bridget enjoying dessert 

Colin loves babies! Bridget was kind enough to lend him her doll

Colin checking out his newest cousin, Felicity

Colin and Korbin, who I mentioned back in this post.
They looked alike in November, but look nothing alike now :)

Chillin' at the Waldron's

Charlotte loves babies too, and she loved holding Felicity

Practicing walking at BYU

Colin and Grandma Chris. She drove all the way down from Montana just to see us!
 For anyone who has spent at least 5 minutes with Colin, you know how active he is. He will not sit still for a minute, and even when I'm holding him, he's usually trying to climb up me to get to whatever is behind me. This made for interesting travels. We stopped in Denver both going out there and back, but we were lucky enough to have layovers that were only long enough to deplane and board our next flight. Colin actually did really well on all the flights, and we were lucky enough to sit by lots of nice people. Colin was very interactive with all of the strangers, but his favorite was a little girl that sat behind us on one flight that played peek-a-boo with him for half an hour.

Besides peek-a-boo, here are a few shots of what Colin did to keep himself occupied.

Trying to dive off the seat to play with everything on the floor

Sucking on his pacifier

Looking out the window and patting the glass
Other activities not pictured included eating cheerios and playing with the laminated plane menu and tray. Sleeping? Not so much, but despite that, he was still a good little travel buddy :)

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