Monday, May 23, 2011

The Big Gift

Matt surprised me with something awesome for Mother's Day. I'm late in posting about it because it wasn't quite ready for pictures until a few days ago.

He bought a piano on craigslist and completely refinished it. Look how beautiful it is!

Ever wondered what the inside of a piano looks like?
Unfortunately, this is the only before shot we have.

And the finished product. It looks even better in person!
I haven't played the piano much in the last 5 years, but I love being able to sit down and play whenever I want now. Now I just need to get some more sheet music.

Colin especially loves this new addition. Almost every time we walk past the piano (which probably happens 20 times a day) he looks at it and lets me know he wants to play. He loves to hit/pat everything, so he really loves the piano because his hitting/patting makes noise!

Matt took this cute video of Colin playing the piano. The piece of the piano is missing because Matt hadn't finished staining it yet. This view was even better for Colin because he could see movement every time he hit a key. I think we might have a pianist on our hands!


Niki said...

Daaaaaang. I thought I had a good Mother's Day.

Emily N. said...

I can't wait until Colin and Asher can play duets together! :)