Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Little Guy (at 4 months)

At 4 months, Colin can sometimes been seen
sporting a baby mohawk

His current hobbies include:
working on sitting by himself...

sucking on fingers, toes, and his wrists...

grabbing at anything and everything, 
which makes dinnertime a little tricky...

helping Dad with his many projects
(all babies were heavily supervised when handling the screw driver)

and rolling over
(But only when he wants to. This kid is stubborn!)

When asked to describe his ideal date, Colin admits he loves
good quality tummy time with the ladies.

And at 4 months, Colin has decided when he grows up, 
he would like to model snowsuits. 
This is his Blue Steel. Just like Zoolander, right? 

We love our little boy! It seems like he learns something new every day, and I'm so grateful I get to stay home to witness it all. He goes in for his check-up tomorrow, so I'll update you on his stats then!


Carly said...

He has the biggest eyes ever! I am so jealous! and he's cute too!

Hillary said...

He's so big... I think he has grown more from when I saw him in Oregon. What a cute boy!

Megan said...

Ok, that tummy time with the ladies part made me laugh, a lot! LOL

Emily N. said...

Thanks for the adorable pics!