Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Travel Buddies

Colin and I are officially travel buddies. In the last 2 months, he and I have flown from Salt Lake to Tulsa (with a layover in Denver), Tulsa to Salt Lake and back, Salt Lake to Portland and back, and now Tulsa to Dallas and back.

We also made a road trip as a family up to Montana in November. My point? At 4-months-old, Colin is an expert traveler.

Our trip to Dallas was this last weekend. It was a quick trip to meet Jill there, who was flying in from Phoenix. Our weekend consisted of pedicures, lunch at Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers, and shopping at the outlet mall, which doesn't sound like much, but we had fun!

It was Jill's first time meeting Colin, and although this picture was taken in Nine West, it's the only picture I managed to take all weekend, so at least I took one of the two of them.

This was also the trip for misplacing things. By the time I got into the Tulsa airport, I had already misplaced Colin's pacifier. Thankfully, I usually have a spare in the diaper bag, so crisis averted. Then while eating lunch at Raising Cane's, Colin pushed his jacket from the table onto the ground where it stayed until we went back for it later. And the last item was officially gone and not to be recovered. Colin apparently threw his burp cloth out of his car seat while we were walking around the outlet mall. Good thing we have a bajillion on those around.

Thanks for the fun weekend, Jill. And thanks Rob, or watching the kids so she could meet me there :)

Now that I'm a self-proclaimed pro at flying with a baby, I can't wait for our next trip! Where should I go in March...


ejnorton said...

He's looking so much older! You need to come to PHX so we can see him...

Niki said...

Seriously? When you lose your ipod touch thanks to momnesia or your child then I'll feel sorry for you. I haven't even had it 2 years! And who knows where my sunglasses are!?!

Travel while you can! He's still happy to be in your lap, so you might as well take him everywhere. You can visit us in a few months!!