Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More To Report

There's so much going on in this little boy's life right now, his current status cannot be contained in one post.

We made it to the pediatrician yesterday for his 4-month check-up. I really loved his doctor in Utah, and was not looking forward to finding a new one. I searched for pediatricians on google, and after reading a few reviews, I selected one from a clinic that's near our soon-to-be house.

His new doctor is amazing! She spent a lot of time with us, checked Colin over thoroughly, and answered every question we had before we could even ask them.

The sad news...after checking him over thoroughly, we now know that he may be getting an ear infection, he has some kind of yeast diaper rash, and he has extremely sensitive skin.

We noticed several days ago that he had little bumps all over his arms, legs, and stomach, as well as a few patches of eczema. She gave us a list of lotions, laundry detergent, and other products to try. After a day of use, I haven't noticed a difference, but hopefully the bumps clear up soon.

We also decided, after getting the go-ahead, to start him on rice cereal. Here's the video of that :)
That's about the same face he makes when we make him drink formula. What a kid!

And in case you've made it this far in the post, and you're wondering, Colin's stats are as follows:

weight: 13 lb 14 oz (24%)
height: 25.5" (67%)
head circum.: 17" (71%)

Now that we're starting him on solids, hopefully he'll beef up.

He's apparently a little bitty guy.

Just right for our teeny tiner family!


Kimberly said...

He definitely looks like he's not a fan of the rice cereal. Thanks for the video - it gave me a good laugh. Bridget had terrible eczema on her cheeks during that first winter, and Aquaphor cleared it up really well. In fact, we still use it on her.

Emily N. said...

A few weeks of practice on the cereal, and he'll be a pro! :)

Kara and Scott said...

Wow...He's getting big! I like the new blog layout too! So I want to know more about this soon-to-be house of yours!

Niki said...

Your blog looks so...clean! I like it! I'll call you with specific questions. And Colin could always be smaller, trust me! Millie was less than half his weight at 4 months haha! But really, she's just a little bigger right now.

Elder Kundis said...

thanks for the videos!!! The rice cereal one made me LOL...he is getting soooo big, even if he is in the 24 percentile...him in the snowsuit is still one of my favorites, i think i'm going to put it in "his" frame... :)