Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Phoenix Fun (Week 24/52)

A few weeks ago we (as in me, Colin, AND Matt) all got to go to Phoenix to visit the Justmans and Nortons.

Party time!

Colin loved spending time with his cousins. Here we have Charlotte, Elaine, and Colin at a park. Those two girls just loved having Colin around. In the words of their mother, "That kid can't help how lovable he is!" :)

 We also planned the trip well because we were there for Julia's 1st birthday! Emily made delicious cookies and cream cupcakes, and I think Julia thought they were a big hit. I didn't get a picture of how messy she was by the end, only these few beginning shots. She's a cutie.

 We all met up at Chick-fil-A for lunch that Monday for one last playtime. What a cute bunch of cousins!

And although this has nothing to do with Colin, no trip to the west would be complete without a meal (or 2) at In-N-Out. We happened to eat there two days in a row, per Matt's request. Yum!

It was one fun trip, and we can't wait to go back!

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ejnorton said...

Asher misses Colin. He asks to look at your blog and wonders where Colin is. Maybe we could Facetime sometime since we now have an iPod Touch? Hopefully we can come out to your place next. I am looking for Southwest deals so if you ever hear of one, let me know.