Saturday, January 28, 2012

Teef (Week 2/52)

Currently on Colin's "favorite things to do list" is brushing his teeth. This kid does it almost 5 times a day. Not a bad habit, huh? All of our dentist friends would be proud :)

Anytime we are near the drawer where we keep his tooth brush, he runs to it, pulls it open, and rummages around until he finds BOTH the tooth brush and tooth paste. Last night while Matt was brushing his teeth before bed, Colin attempted to say teeth for the first time. Although it came out more as "teef," he made a valiant effort.

Yay Colin for having good oral hygiene!


Niki said...

Does he already use training toothpaste? Millie would be so jealous. I wonder how they'll sound when they really talk. I met a kid on the playground that told me his name was Ponch (cacausian red-head), but I eventually figured out he was trying to say Parker haha!

Kara M. said...

Wow! Hopefully he can keep those habits up when he's older! :) He sure is a cute guy!