Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Missed us?

Would you believe that I haven't uploaded any pictures from my camera since the middle of October? That, my friends, is the reason for the delay. This means that I have Thanksgiving AND Christmas to catch up on. I'm ashamed to say I'm not very good at remembering to take pictures, so here are some of the ones I did manage to take...

Colin up to no good (as usual!) in November

Hanging out with Landon Kundis at Thanksgiving. I wasn't fast enough to take the picture when Colin was climbing on top of him...

One proud grandma! This is Colin with his first cousin on the Tiner side. Landon is about 2 weeks old in this picture.

Colin's cousin Bridget had her 4th birthday right after Thanksgiving, so we celebrated by going bowling. Here, Megan, Colin, and Bridget check out the bowling alley in action.

The birthday girl checking out the bowling balls.

Felicity also enjoying the bowling


Uncle Nate helping the kids bowl

We also met some friends, Chris and Karen, for dinner at TGI Friday's over Thanksgiving. 

 Now onto Christmas! We spent several days in Portland with some of my family and had a blast!
Excuse the blurry picture...Nate and I, in matching brown shirts, posed with our kids, in matching pj's, for an awesome family picture.

Attempting to take a picture of 3 small child has proven to be a possible task! 

But it wasn't without its fair share of outtakes...

Here we have the disco apparel! Uncle Mark, seen here sporting a disco zip-up jacket and shorts, was kind enough to get Colin a pair of baby disco pants! Even now, he loves to put them on and run around the house in them. They are a few inches too long on him right now, but you better believe that once they fit him, he will be wearing them out of the house!

I didn't take a single picture from Christmas day. Epic fail. In my defense, we spent Christmas weekend battling the stomach flu. Colin managed to pick up the bug in Oklahoma, threw up on BOTH flights we took to get to Portland, and then passed it on to the other 9 people staying at my brother's house. It certainly was a memorable Christmas :) Aside from the stomach flu, I managed to win our annual family rice pudding game, Megan and I forced everyone to have a Twilight movie marathon, and Megan and I managed to hold the 6th annual bakefest (nevermind no one ended up eating the treats since we were all sick).

All in all, 2011 was a good year for us, and we look forward to all that 2012 may bring us. We started off the year as new business owners, so how much better can it get??

I promise more new posts will be coming soon, so don't stay away too long!

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ejnorton said...

I'm glad you are back. I've missed you and that cutest little Colin! It's about time I got some sightings of him. He's growing so big and looking so handsome. :)