Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Surprise

I went on my first ever "Girls Weekend" this past week, and I came home to find that Matt had been working on a special project while I was gone.
We live in a one-bedroom apartment, and will for a few months after the baby (lovingly nicknamed as Teeny) is born. We already solved the problem of where he will sleep with a half-size pack and play. But in addition to needing a bed, babies need a lot of other stuff. We figured we would just get a small chest of drawers or a bookcase. Now we have Matt's "baby closet" creation!
The picture is bad quality because I took it at night, and we have bad lighting in our dining room. Yes, that's right, the baby closet is in our dining room, but in such a discreet place, I didn't even notice it was there until Matt showed me.

So far, the closet is pretty empty. He hung up the few clothes that we have, and bought a bunch of baby hangers. (Have you ever noticed how cute those things are?!) Everything in it was given to us by our doctor or family members. However, there is one thing I've bought.Megan and I found this treasure back in February at Kohl's on clearance for $2. It was the only gender neutral outfit we could find. Isn't it precious? I can't wait to have a baby to put in it!


Megan said...

how creative and crafty of Matt!

ejnorton said...

Just you wait, Jess. That space will fill up in ways that you can't imagine right now! ;) I'll be happy to free up some of my closet space by filling up yours. hee hee

Nice work, Matt!

Elder Kundis said...

wow, Matt...that is awesome...way to make use of the space! Can't wait to fill up those hangars!!! (and this is Chris)

Kamesh said...

very nice