Monday, March 22, 2010


We moved into our new apartment almost 4 months ago, but unfortunately, it was around the time I decided to take my blogging sabbatical. It was last week after I decided to visit the blogging world again that I realized I haven't introduced you to our new neighbor yet.

The view from our apartment includes a large dirt field, lots of power lines, and one giant Ikea store! The first time anyone comes to visit they always ask, "so how many times have you been to Ikea?" I'll have you know we do frequent that store, but you can only look at furniture so much.

We are loving our new apartment, and for those of you who haven't been to see it yet, come visit soon! I mean, how can you pass up a view like this?


Megan said...

You forgot to mention your favorite part... living only 15 min away from me!

LStevens said...

Jessica, do you live in Draper? Do you know a family by the name of Ben & Cammie Curtis. I know they live in an apt. near Ikea, too. They used to live in wenatchee in our ward. Just asking if you know them.