Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hello 1992!

I was told that it's typical for me to post about "weird" things. I'm not sure what Kim meant by that, but I'll just think of it as a really sweet compliment :D

Last weekend we were making Halloween sugar cookies. Kim had taken all of the cookie cutters from the house in MT, including letter cutters that had originally come with a package of jello to make Jello Jigglers. All the letters were in an old plastic bag. They'd been in that bag for as long as I can remember. So exactly how is it?

County Market Homestyle Wheat Rolls. Packaged on July 27, 1992. For 95 cents!

County Market doesn't even exist anymore. The one I remember my mom always going grocery shopping at is now a Ace Hardware.

So there you go...another post about something weird!


Emily N. said...

At least you blogged! FINALLY!! hee hee

Amy W-H said...

I didn't even know County market was gone. Sort of breaks my heart.

Kimberly said...

Of course your posting "weird" things is a compliment. It shows how creative and humorous you are. :)

Jill said...

See, Mom was way ahead of the curve, recycling, reusing and all that. I hope the bag was retired. It has served its job well.

Lynette said...

I think I remember those letter jigglers...could that be right?!