Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Real Deal

This picture was taken immediately after removing the steri-strips late Thursday night.

This picture was taken about 24 hours later.

I guess I should probably explain for those who don't know what happened. In the beginning of February I noticed a large lump in my throat, and after going to the doctor several times and have all sorts of tests and ultrasounds done, I was told I had a complex cyst (sack of fluid and tissue) and a nodule on my thyroid. The test I had done was inconclusive as to whether the nodule was cancerous. After 3 different doctors told me I should have surgery to remove the cyst and nodule, I went ahead and scheduled it. So May 7 I had the surgery, and the surgeon removed the cyst that was the size of a golf ball! The nodule was non-cancerous, and they only had to remove about a quarter of my thyroid. I still haven't gone in for my post-op appointment, but as far as I know, everything is great, and I'm recovering well. Although the incision isn't my favorite, I think it looks pretty dang good just two weeks after surgery. It becomes less noticeable every day. I can't wait to start using the Mederma Kim bought me!

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Emily Norton said...

I'm loving all of the pics of your neck. So sexy!