Friday, September 21, 2012

Fort Heaven (34/52)

No childhood is complete without getting to build a fort. I used to take clothes pins and blankets to attached the blankets all over my canopy bed when I was growing up.

So I decided to start Colin early in his fort-building lessons. He had a blast!

We started small with a pile of pillows and draping a blanket between them and the couch.

 But soon we were ready to move on to something bigger! We pulled out the kitchen chairs, got out even more blankets, and although they are not pictured, we had to pull out all of his stuffed animals.

It started out as a fort, but at various times it was also a car, a train, and an airplane. I see many forts in our future.

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ejnorton said...

You are a much better mom than I. We must build forts around here! :)