Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Hour (Week 8/52)

This post is...about a week late, but I am determined not to give up on this goal. Therefore, better late than never!

What with Sonic being more plentiful than McDonalds around these parts, my friend Eleece and I have made it a habit to make a Sonic run for happy hour about once a week. Colin always loves these excursions because it means he gets to play in the car for half an hour while we sit and talk. It also means he gets to sip strawberry and cherry limeades at his leisure (this kid loves drinking anything through a straw).

In the picture above, he is also enjoying a tater tot. Yum!

Although we've only been doing this for a few weeks, Colin now gets excited every time we even drive past a Sonic. I know there's either a Sonic of Braum's in sight when I hear Colin squealing excitedly from the back seat...

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