Friday, October 14, 2011

Sure as Shootin'

This week I embarked on an adventure that will now officially classify me as an Oklahoman. So much so that I am now allowed to use phrases like, "I'm fixin'," as in, "I'm fixin' to take the trash out." Or adding 'a' to the beginning of words like, "I'm agonna have red beans for dinner!"

I can now shamelessly use these syntactic and pragmatic nightmares of phrases 
because this week I became a real Oklahoman when I went shootin'.

Can you believe it only took me 10 months to accomplish that? Life in Oklahoma is always an adventure :)

Showcasing all but one of the guns we got to shoot with.
If you ask me what they are, I could throw out some numbers and pretend like I know...

Tate and Eleece recently got their conceal and carry permits,
so they were excited to go shooting with us.

Me shooting...some kind of rifle.
But it was so intense that it made both Matt and I make stupid faces :)

We had some targets we were using to practice, and this is Matt showing off his bullseye!
What a stud.
Mostly I wanted to take pictures of our adventure because it reminded me of this season's opening episode of Modern Family where they go to the ranch in Wyoming and Cameron takes a picture of Mitchell holding a gun...

But also, I had to document that I can now cross this off of my 101 in 1001 list. Holla!


Niki said...

Oh law! You crack me up with your afixin to eat red beans. I too have shot a gun before. In South Carolina you have to pass "hunter's safety" in 8th grade gym class. Welcome to country life :) Maybe you'll appreciate city life even more when you come visit? Soon-ish?

Ryan said...

You both are like modern day cowboys.