Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New 'Do

I've had the same haircut for probably the last 5 years. I grew my hair out and loved it because I had never really had long hair before, but after that many years with the same hair I knew it was time for a change.

My postpartum hair loss also played a big part because I was tired of having to clean out my brush every day. A grabby 3-month-old helped finalize my decision.

I included on my 101 in 1001 list getting "an adventurous haircut." So this was also helping me reach a goal! I considered this one adventurous because I had about 4 or 5 inches cut off, and I've never had an a-line cut before :)

I got it done on the very last day of my vacation (pretty pathetic it's taken me 2 weeks to blog about it, I know) and it was a surprise for Matt. I didn't tell him I did it, so he was a little shocked when he picked me up from the airport.

Have I built up the suspense enough?

Wishing I'd just get to the point?

Ready to see a picture?

Sorry...the picture is nothing special. It was taken using Matt's phone late one night specifically for the purpose of posting on this blog. Maybe some day soon I can get a better one taken, but at least now you've seen my new hair.

And in case you were wondering, I love it!


All Handleys on Deck! said...

How fun! Cute haircut! =) I did the same thing... James had NO idea I was getting a haircut and I came back from a trip and surprised him! =)

Niki said...

Cute! That's a good idea. I need a haircut. Maybe I should wait until I'm in South Carolina? I'm so glad you posted this. Imagine how confused we would all be when we saw you in May had you not told us? I like it, and you look older in a good way. Like old enough to have a baby, but just barely :)

Josh & Hillary said...

Its been a LONG time since I've seen you with short hair.... and you look fabulous! I love it!

Kara and Scott said...

Ahhh Cute!!! I like it! And I'm glad you like it too! :)

Elder Kundis said...

looks sooo cute..i'd LOVE to see a pic of the back, too!! Love you!