Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Comparison

Most people say Colin looks just like Matt, but after a few people told me he looks more like me, I finally took a look at one of my own baby pictures. Now I'm not so sure who he looks like. I guess I'll just say he's a good mix of both of us! Matt's baby picture is 2 post below in case you want to have another look.




Niki said...

I agree, a good mix of you both. Matt just looks so tiny in that picture! I wonder if they saved his cute little outfit. Love Colin's tie!

Linda said...

Jessica, I remember when you looked like that! What a cutie girl. I think Colin is a cutie too and a mix of you both!

Elder Kundis said...

Yeppers...you from the waist up...Matt from the waist down, hee, hee!!