Wednesday, July 14, 2010

4th of July

I figured I better post this before it gets any later in July. For our independence celebration we went down to Phoenix (because who doesn't love Phoenix in the middle of the summer...).

We enjoyed spending time with some of our cute nieces and nephew

Megan and I forced people to pose for pictures

(This shot, however, was not posed...but isn't it hilarious?)

And we went to Mesa to track down the Dairy Queen Blizzard Mobile. Free ice cream? Yes PLEASE! As you can see, Charlotte loves ice cream too.

Oh, and of course we went swimming! This was Matt using the wading pool as a boat. He stayed afloat for a few minutes before he started to sink...

And although I don't have any pictures of this, we went to the Queen Creek Olive Mill and took a tour to learn how the make Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They make a million different flavors of olive oil, including vanilla and chocolate. Crazy!

It was a fun weekend with fun people. Thanks, sisters, for letting us come visit!

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Elder Kundis said...

it's Mom...(one day i'll figure out how to change the identity) ANYWAY...I LOVE the pics...and I for one...think PHOENIX would be GREAT in July!!!! The blizzard mobile rocks!! LOL at Matt in the pool in the pool...