Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are You Prepared?

The Tiner family is all about emergency preparedness. So much so, that every time Matt's parents come to visit, his dad makes sure to visit Emergency Essentials to stock up on random supplies. Matt definitely learned this from his father.

Meet Matt's creation, the Altoid tin survival kit:

The picture doesn't do it justice, but there are 44 individual pieces in this kit--all in the space of an Altoid tin! This kit contains:

5 waterproof/windproof matches
3 safety pins
2 small fishing hooks
2 larger fishing hooks
20lb fishing line
3 small sinkers
2 sandwich bags for water storage/purification
1 antibiotic ointment
1 bandaid
2 sewing needles
1 white thread
1 xacto knife blade
20 gauge steel wire
1 twist tie for water bag
1 square foot of tin foil
1 survival card
1 can opener
1 whistle with lanyard
1 led light
1 rubber band
1 alcohol wipe
1 paper clip
6 water purification tablets (add 2 per 1 qt water, let sit for 30 min)
lint for fires
65 cents

How cool is that? We have one in our car, and although I hope we don't ever have to use it in a real emergency, some of that stuff might come in handy.

Isn't Matt the greatest? I just love him!

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Emily N. said...

Matt and Enoch come from the same mold. hee hee Enoch will think this is pure genius--even down to the use of the Altoid tin! Good work, Matty!