Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Update

Here it is, a week and a half after Thanksgiving, and I'm finally getting around to posting about it. I had big plans for this post, but none of it worked out and I'll tell you why.

We started driving to Oklahoma Tuesday night after Matt got off work, and we were almost to the Wyoming border when it hit me. With the trip we were taking to Missouri for the weekend, Matt and I would be traveling through 7 sates in 7 days. How often does that happen? (hopefully not very because that is a lot of driving...)

During the trip we were able to drive through Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri. So, since I am always looking for pictures to take and things to blog about, I had every intention to take a picture by each state sign. Bad news: I didn't take a single picture the whole trip, but this is largely the fault of those states. They either have really stupid, small state signs, or none at all. What is a blogger supposed to do with that? Just write a post I guess, no pictures included.

So there you have it. Thanksgiving was good--we ate dinner early (at 11:30 AM!), and promptly left for Branson, MO, where we caught a few shows and did more shopping than I've ever done in my life. They have an outlet mall that opened at midnight on Black Friday, so we have the luxury of shopping late, and sleeping in late the next morning instead of waking up at 4 AM. After our late night shopping trip, we proceeded to shop all day Friday, and most of the day Saturday. Needless to say, I returned home with a few more things than I went there with.

We hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving as much as we did, and you can look forward to another post soon about our big move this week (and when I say "big" I mean 30 miles north of where we are now...).

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