Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Matt Teaches Pranksters a Lesson

Last night I received a call from strange number at approximately 9:22 pm.

Me: Hello?

Man With Strange Accent (MWSA):
Hey, uh, I'm trying to deliver your pizzas here, but, uh, how did you say to get there? Did you say it was a road, or a street?

Me: I think you have the wrong number.

MWSA: Look, lady, you ordered about 20 pizzas and some coke, and I'm trying--that's when I hung up.

By about 9:30 I had convinced Matt to called the number back from his phone and talk to them. MWSA answers the phone, and Matt asks when the pizzas he ordered will be here because we were supposed to get them 10 minutes ago. MWSA pretends like he doesn't know what Matt's talking about and hands the phone to a woman with a strange Chinese accent. Matt asks about the pizzas again, but the woman doesn't understand him, thinking he's saying 'pieces,' not 'pizzas.' Then she tells him they own a Chinese restaurant and that they don't make pizza.

End of first phone call.

At 9:32 Matt calls the number again, but this time from my phone. MWSA answers the phone again, and Matt tells him he had a missed call from this number and is wondering why the guy called. MWSA will not admit that he called my phone. They argue for a minute before hangs up on Matt. MWSA.

End of second phone call.

At 9:33 Matt makes another call to the number from his phone. MWSA answers immediately and says (with his strange, probably made-up accent), "Stop calling me, dude." To that, Matt answers, "We don't appreciate getting prank phone calls." And that was all he could say before the guy hung up on him again.

Hopefully he'll think twice before making another prank phone call. (Although it made our evening more eventful...)


Josh & Hillary said...

Funny that um... I was the one to prank call you. :) I made a random number show on your caller ID so you didn't know it was me. So... really, you guys just pranked an innocent person! HILARIOUS!

Sarah and Scott said...

That is really funny!

mom in mt said...

is that true...was it really josh and hill??? i lol as i read your blog and i pictured matt doing this!!!!

G.O. Garrison said...'s like highschool all over again! i added you back to my blog b/c i decided i still liked you ;)