Monday, April 21, 2008

Who Knew?

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Matthew. Matthew was in third grade and he had a girlfriend. He really liked his girlfriend, but he wasn't sure that he liked her the most out of all the third grade girls. One day he and his girlfriend were playing with another little girl, and that was when Matthew realized he really liked this new little girl. He told his girlfriend that he liked this other little girl, so she couldn't be his girlfriend anymore, and she was devastated. recess, Matthew, old girlfriend, and other girl are still playing together.

"Hey [other girl], will you be my girlfriend?" Matthew said.
"Sure!" other girl said.
"Now I'm sad," old girlfriend told Matthew.
"Oh, could be my girlfriend too," Matthew said to old girlfriend.
"I can?" old girlfriend asked.
"Is that OK with you?" Matthew asked other girl.
"Yeah, OK," other girl said.

And Matthew took both of his new girlfriends by the hand as they walked across the playground and into the sunset.

This is a true story. Matt told me about it when we went out to dinner on Friday night and I thought it was hilarious. Who knew my husband was such a player in his much younger days? :)

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Brittany Smith said...

wow! apparently matt's down with the whole polygamy thing. that is probably the best story i've heard in awhile